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Boardman & Co will provide a payroll service to meet your needs.


 Under the Real Time Information [RTI] reporting we will

  • make the necessary on-line submissions

  • provide the payslips¬† for you and your employees

  • provide summaries of the payroll and HMRC liabilities

  • will deal with other payroll matters, such as leavers and joiners.

At the payroll year end we will

  • prepare the P60s for your employees

  • undertake the preparation or just submission of the forms P11d, if required.

If your payroll is selected for a routine compliance visit we will be able to attend or host the visit, irrespective of whether the payroll is maintained by Boardman & Co or yourselves


Should you find your payroll subject to PAYE or national insurance investigation we are experienced in negotiating with the revenue and would be able to support you.