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…… and a little of our history


Boardman & Co is a practice run by Susan Boardman that started some forty years ago.


Over the years we have been auditors, independent examiners, accountants and tax advisors [and a shoulder to cry on] to a diverse mix of businesses including

property developers, building contractors, a band, cabaret artistes, authors, media services, management companies, professional practices, international consultants, livery companies, churches, chemical wholesalers and various charities


and our personal tax clients have come from equally varied backgrounds

Although the very first client, a Balalaika Dance group, has long since ceased to exist, the second, a builder straight out of college, is still with us, and like us, he has grown and developed over the years.

Whilst forty years may be an exception, a significant number have been with us for over ten, fifteen or twenty years.

More surprising perhaps is that all but one has come through personal recommendation, from the first to the one that came last month.

In 2002 Geoffrey Boardman left the City firm where he had been a partner for some fifteen years and   joined the practice, bringing to it his expertise in insurance broking and compliance.


From inception until the start of 2017 we undertook audits.

With the repeated rises in the statutory threshold for both companies and charities to require an audit, one by one their number reduced until our final trio of charity audits decided to opt for an independent examination. So, with some nostalgic regret, in January 2017 we asked the ICAEW to cancel our audit registration.


Both Susan and Geoffrey are Chartered Accountants regulated by Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales [ICAEW] and the firm is regulated and reviewed by the ICAEW Practice Assurance scheme.